Suwanee’s Leaders
in BMW Maintenance

Suwanee’s Leaders
in BMW Maintenance

BMWs are as famous for their comprehensive service plans as they are for their high performance and great comfort. You won’t enjoy the best driving experience until you pay attention to its maintenance, so the first thing you must do is to be sure of the competence of the mechanics you choose to maintain your vehicle.

At Iconic Automotive, your BMW will receive the same high-quality servicing that you would expect from a dealership, but without the crowded service centers, high-priced services, unskilled mechanics, and long waiting periods. When it comes to BMW servicing, we have been able to secure a spot as Suwanee’s top dealership alternative.

Quality Service You Can Trust

When you choose Iconic Automotive, you’re choosing:

  • ASE Certified Mechanics
  • Modern Diagnostic equipment
  • Factory-grade tools
  • Quick repairs that get you back on the road
  • Shuttle service, Tow service, Drop-offs, and Pickups
  • 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on engine parts and maintenance service
  • Reliable and affordable service
BMW Repair

Rather than touring many shops in search of the services your vehicle requires, let our experts handle everything for you. Our shop employs the most up-to-date factory-grade tools and equipment available. This guarantees that services and repairs are completed quickly and accurately, without sacrificing quality. Our experts are well-grounded in your car’s specific model and they use specialized tools to diagnose and fix any issue in your BMW.

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BMWs are among the world’s most popular premium vehicles. Iconic Automotive staff is available to assist BMW owners in the Suwanee region and adjacent towns, including:

Many car owners usually wait for their BMW to get seriously damaged before taking it to a garage. This is not a good practice because it can in some cases lead to far more expensive repairs. If your BMW is due for service, don’t postpone its maintenance any longer or you’ll jeopardize its performance and might be forced to pay for a pricey repair. Our expert mechanics at Iconic Automotive are always ready to give you all the assistance you need to get your vehicle back on the road. Please contact or visit our store now to arrange an appointment or if you have any concerns about our services or maintenance packages.